What a moving and storage company can does

What happens when you are told by your boss that you have to relocate to another state? Witwo things can happen; you tell him or her no, or you ask them when you have to leave. If you pick the one when you have to leave, then you will have a lot to do in a short time. You will need to pack all your things and rent an apartment until you can find a place to buy. The place that you are renting will only be for a short time, so you won’t need that big of an apartment, where will you store your things?

In this article, we will show you what Mohawk Moving & Storage can do for you.


5They will bring a truck over and load up all your things the right way; they will not damage anything. They will ask you what you will need in the apartment and what you will put into storage. This will help them when it comes time to packing and unloading your things. What they will do is load the items going to the storage in the front of the trailer and the things going to your apartment will go at the end of the truck so they can unload them first.


You won’t have to drive the big truck; they will have a driver who will make sure that your things get to your new apartment safe and sound. In most cases, they will follow you in your car. If it takes longer than a day or two, their company will provide them with a hotel room where they can lay over for the night; they will just meet up with you later or at your new apartment. They will unload your stuff and put them where you want them to be placed in the apartment. The only thing that you will have to do is to show them where they should go.


6After they unload your things, they will then take your other stuff to their massive warehouse and put it into storage. You have the option to meet them at the storage, or you can just give them a lock so they can ensure your things are locked up safe and sound. The nice thing about these storages units is it has a guard 24-7 and cameras all over. You will be the only one that has a code to get the gate open and the only one with the key to your lock.