How To Improve Economic Growth Through Different Cultures

Culture is diverse, and its variant changes with areas. Different parts of the world have distinguished cultures which directly or indirectly affect the economic growth. Globalization has made the world into one small planet where different cultures have to mingle and share ideologies and markets. People who have grown up in different cultures in early times can clearly understand the transition. One is left to wonder; where can different cultures takes us if we let go? Will it affect the economy positively or negatively? This article is dedicated to highlighting on how to improve economic growth through different cultures.

How to improve economic growth through different cultures

Cultural tourism bring foreign currency

gfhfghfghfghfghfghPeople travel from all over the world to experience different cultures. Most communities charge for cultural tourism and earn from the initiatives. While visiting such communities is a is fun for you, the money one spends while doing such visits is a direct economic benefit to the residents of such an area. Almost all countries all over the world have a culture to show the rest the world.

Another aspect of culture that gives communities an economic boost if the food. People like sampling other people’s food when they visit different places in the world. Today, it common to see variously themed restaurant in different parts of the world like Chinese, Italian and Brazilian among many others

Culture determines the economic activities

The types of economic activities heavily rely on culture. This can easily be seen in business as well as the workplace. In a culture where certain animals are forbidden, people will not engage in business relating to the same. Additionally, companies may have to adopt certain culture into their work culture like dressing and hours of work.

Culture determines progress in economy

gdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgAs much as each people have the culture they cherish, the overall world forces keep on evolving the world. How each culture responds to such needs will have an effect on the economy. One that accepts changes and incorporates them to the culture get the full economic benefits. The economy should grow progressively, and culture should contribute to its growth.


Culture can be used as an identity to specific people. However, it should contribute in all its aspects to making that society grow economically. The government and the local authorities have a mandate to regulate these activities and make sure the economy grow and benefits from the diverse cultures.…


Fascinating Cultures That Are Dying Out

There are many tribal people from all over the world, who are fighting against the incursion of the modern society, which tend to disrespect their rights and way of living. A few indigenous cultures seem to be losing in the fight as they are gradually facing extinction. Some of the fascinating ones are highlighted below.

Cultures that are on the verge of extinction

The Korowai

The Korowai are from the southeastern Papua in Indonesia. They are well known for their cannibalism and living in tree houses. You can find an entire family of up to 8 people living in a wooden house that is constructed up to 40 feet above the ground, on trees. The reason as to why they live on the trees is to avoid the superstitious attacks by walking corpses and make witches when it gets dark. They define time by the number of houses that someone has lived in. One house usually lasts for approximately one year. The time of a specific house came with special events such as birth, marriage, death, and killing among others. A series of such events is what constitutes an era. The lifestyle and lack of proper medication make the Korowai die at middle ages. Currently, about 3,000 members of the tribe are left.

The Samburu

The Samburu are a nomadic community found in the semi-arid parts of northern Kenya. They rely on livestock as their only source of food. The intense drought that has been hitting the region in current times is threatening their kind of livelihood. The livestock is dying at an alarming rate due to starvation and dehydration. There is also a major conflict between the Samburu tribe and the government over land, which happens to be a national park. The conflict is also forcing them to relocate and start different types of lifestyles. The culture is likely to die out completely within the next generation.

The San

yfygr7tgyydr56tiyThe Kalahari Desert in Botswana is where the San enjoyed their hunting and gathering lifestyle, until recently when the Botswana government evicted them to conserve the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The Bushmen were forced to resettle in camps with cattle and goats as herders, a new type of lifestyle for them that they do not understand. The few who won a case against the government were allowed to return to the desert but disallowed to hunt. Given that they were hunters, their way of life was destroyed, which threatens the extinction of their culture.…