Things to take when camping

Any person that as enjoyed camping will say that it’s fun, but the bad thing about camping and something that would make the whole experience terrible is forgetting some of the essentials. Anyone can forget some of the things especially if you don’t have a list that is going to guide you through the whole process. Before going on the next camping trip that you have planned out it wise that you go through the must bring things in the list below. It will help in ways that you can’t imagine because the whole trip will be fun and you will not have to rush home because of any accident. Survival Envy will equip you with the best survival gear that you will need when camping. Here is a list of things to take when camping.

First aid kit


Because camping it’s all about nature and activities accidents are bound to happen. Things like scratches, burns, and cuts are something that you should expect when on the camping trip. That’s the main reason that you should bring the first aid kit with you so that you will be able to take care of the cuts if it’s not something severe. So ensure that you park it because if you have a minor accident, the camping trip will not be interrupted because you will have the essential to take care or the wound.


The rope is another essential thing in the campsite because it has so many uses. You will need the rope to make a cloth line that people can use in hanging their wet clothes. Also, the rope is the best when you want to go and get the fire woods. The rope still helps when you are building a shelter that’s why you should never leave it’s when you are going camping. The rope is also good when playing games because they are like so many games that can be played using the rope.

Flashlight and headlamp


Whether you are going to those campsites that are well developed and they have the street light, you should never leave the flashlight. Because during the night and you have to use the toilet the streetlights will not be on, and you will need something to use that’s when the flashlight comes in handy. Also, the flashlights are helpful because you may not know what might happen during the camping trip, that’s why you should have the flashlight or the headlamp even though you might not need it at the moment because you never know.





Fascinating Cultures That Are Dying Out

There are many tribal people from all over the world, who are fighting against the incursion of the modern society, which tend to disrespect their rights and way of living. A few indigenous cultures seem to be losing in the fight as they are gradually facing extinction. Some of the fascinating ones are highlighted below.

Cultures that are on the verge of extinction

The Korowai

The Korowai are from the southeastern Papua in Indonesia. They are well known for their cannibalism and living in tree houses. You can find an entire family of up to 8 people living in a wooden house that is constructed up to 40 feet above the ground, on trees. The reason as to why they live on the trees is to avoid the superstitious attacks by walking corpses and make witches when it gets dark. They define time by the number of houses that someone has lived in. One house usually lasts for approximately one year. The time of a specific house came with special events such as birth, marriage, death, and killing among others. A series of such events is what constitutes an era. The lifestyle and lack of proper medication make the Korowai die at middle ages. Currently, about 3,000 members of the tribe are left.

The Samburu

The Samburu are a nomadic community found in the semi-arid parts of northern Kenya. They rely on livestock as their only source of food. The intense drought that has been hitting the region in current times is threatening their kind of livelihood. The livestock is dying at an alarming rate due to starvation and dehydration. There is also a major conflict between the Samburu tribe and the government over land, which happens to be a national park. The conflict is also forcing them to relocate and start different types of lifestyles. The culture is likely to die out completely within the next generation.

The San

yfygr7tgyydr56tiyThe Kalahari Desert in Botswana is where the San enjoyed their hunting and gathering lifestyle, until recently when the Botswana government evicted them to conserve the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The Bushmen were forced to resettle in camps with cattle and goats as herders, a new type of lifestyle for them that they do not understand. The few who won a case against the government were allowed to return to the desert but disallowed to hunt. Given that they were hunters, their way of life was destroyed, which threatens the extinction of their culture.…


Top Reasons To Attend A Culture Festival

A culture fest refers to an event where different cultures are showcased in one place. It is usually a major event, which is done in most places on an annual basis. If you are near a town that is hosting such an event, you should make some time and purpose to attend. Tag your friends or family too, if you can. This is because the cultural festivals always have a lot to offer, that will benefit each one of you. Below are a few of the top reasons as to why you should go to the cultural festivals.

Main reasons as to why you should get tickets to the cultural festival

You will feel like a world traveler

The cultural events usually have a variety of cultures to display. Depending on the event, you can enjoy fascinating cultures from all over the world. You will experience their arts, literature, textiles, and visual achievements among other things. With each stall, you will feel as though you have taken a trip to the country where the culture comes from. If you are into traveling to experience culture, you will be saved all the traveling costs while still get your fulfillment.

Explore the different culinary delights

Food is among the most important aspects of culture. Different cultures have different foods as their staple and different preparation methods as well. You will be able to experience the different authentic and exotic tastes in the cultural festivals. You will give your palate a treat as you sample the different foods, guaranteed to be the highlight of your evening.

Enjoy performances

The cultural festivals cannot be complete without the traditional cultural dances, storytelling sessions, and musical performances. There are many other forms of entertainment, which are designed to make great memories for you and whoever will be accompanying you. In fact, you can even join in some of them to really experience it and get a good feel of the cultures.

Get education

There is a lot of new knowledge that you can gain from a cultural festival. You get to know and understand the livelihood of different people, some that you might even not know that they exist. This can help you to develop some tolerance for the traditions of other people. It will also impart some good beliefs and values to you and the people in your community.…